Come along, children. We have a new home now.

Well gang, your boy Big Hatt is moving up in the world.  The blogging world, that is.  Not the real world.  Still near the bottom of the totem pole there.  But who cares about that, right?  (Vitale voice) This is the internet, baby!  It’s awesome!

Arrowhead Addict has decided to import Big Matt.  I will now be chiefschattin’ on a much bigger stage.  I was all set to write an emotional farewell, but that doesn’t seem necessary.  My hope is that you guys will come over there with me.  To read, learn, discuss, analyze, rant, laugh, cry, complain, scream, threaten and, hopefully eventually, celebrate.  I’ve really enjoyed our Chiefs discussions these past few years.  More than that, I’ve needed them.  It’s hard being away from something that has always been a part of your life.  Some people can let their teams go and move on.  I can’t, and I don’t want to.  This blog has been my Chiefs lifeline.

But really, nothing needs to change.  It’s a new address, that’s all.  Like switching to a nicer apartment.  Once you learn how to get there, I promise you’ll like it better.  The sink drains, the floors are clean, and you’ll finally be able to crash on my couch without waking up with bug bites.

There are two characteristics of BMCC commenters that make me extremely proud.  You are:

1) Funny- And I don’t just mean that in a “good sense of humor” way. I’m talking about the ability to actually make me laugh.  I’m a tough judge in this department, but some of the stuff you guys say on here is really hilarious.  Funnier than any comments I read anywhere else.

2) Reasonably unbiased: Chiefs Nation is the biggest bunch of homers around.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it shows passion.  But it gets a little old reading a hundred different comments stating various ways this losing team is awesome.  Too often, blog comments read like regurgitations of whatever the team asserts.  That is not the case here.  You guys love your Chiefs, but you love truth better.

Chiefs Nation could use a dose of both of these characteristics.  AA is a chance for us to have a positive influence on the blogosphere.  It’s a good place for us.  A little more edge than Arrowheadpride.  Patrick Allen, the lead blogger, gets any pertinent news up quick.  This guy Merlin posts every week or so and is a pretty good read.  Not afraid to question the men upstairs.  Adam Best, the former lead blogger, will be good for a laugh when he stops by.  I used to read him back in the day.  I liked reading Andrew Crocker although I’m not sure he’s there anymore.  The point is, it’s a good site.  We’re gonna have some fun over there.

Of course, there will be a few slight adjustments.  I obviously can’t make with the inside jokes or use quite as many nicknames.  My hope is that I can slowly introduce some of our best stuff over time.  I’m still gonna clown (I gots ta clown), but there will be a little more polish and a little less cursing.  AA is already a thriving community, and we should respect that.  I don’t anticipate any problems there.  It’ll be fun for me to watch you guys interact with so many other people.

I know who most of you are.  If the season starts and I notice any of you haven’t made the transition, you’ll start receiving phone calls.  I don’t think any of us want that.  Well, you don’t.

My first post drops monday afternoon.  Be there or be square.



  1. First to say congrats and first to follow!

    • Thanks amigo. Look forward to seeing you over there. In about 9 months I’ll need your help raggin’ on whoever next year’s Dan Williams is.

  2. Is it time to test the waters on a KC Oracle Chiefs Chat?

  3. Congrats! After reading the other submissions I was pretty sure you’d get the job. From what I have read over there so far, they need a new writer (and possibly an editor). I do like the fact that they have Chiefs content up every day. When do you start?

    • I’ll be posting every monday afternoon, which is basically the perfect slot for me. I’ll probably do some additional stuff on other days, but every monday for sure.

      I think Patrick Allen, the lead blogger, is also the editor. That guy must work on that site like 10 hours a day. I think it would get to be a drag handling the real simple day-to-day news stories. Definitely glad I don’t have to do that. I do the easy part, really.

  4. Congrats Big Matt!!!!

    Look forward to reading you on AA!!!!

    Can’t stop the Rock!!!! Chiefssssssssss!!!!!!

  5. trust no one

  6. So no uncut version of the stonay tinkle party shower?

    Guhhh, nerds.

    /not a Bock

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