Jarrad Page moves forward with master plan to ruin life

For those not following the red-hot, ESPN bottom line material Jarrad Page holdout, allow me to catch you up: he still hasn’t signed his tender.  It doesn’t appear that he’s going to.  Unbelievably, Page still seems to think he has enough leverage to demand a trade.  He and his agent, who also happens to be his brother, are obviously in way over their heads here.  This is a bad decision that keeps getting worse.  Jarrad Page is destroying his career. 

How did this happen?  How did someone who used to represent a bright spot become expendable?  Well, first of all, Page was probably never that good to begin with.  We’ve all liked him to varying degrees since he was drafted, and he has definitely seemed like a success story.  I mean, its cool when a seventh round pick grabs a starting job as a rookie.  But what has he really done other than make a few timely picks against the Raiders?  Granted, those were cool moments.  Cool enough to justify this bizarre holdout?  Uh, no.  Page’s main claim to fame at this point is being a favorite of one of the most inept coaching staffs of all time.  If I’d gotten my degree from a school that was promptly discredited, I don’t know if I’d be displaying it proudly on my resume. 

My point is Page seems to think he’s accomplished a lot more than he has.  He obviously thinks pretty highly of himself.  Unfortunately for him the Chiefs front office, coaching staff and even fan base don’t seem to share his views.  I was cool with him as a starter, but I’m just as cool with an open tryout between Kendrick Lewis, Leggett, McGraw and Don Wash.  One of those guys could very well end up being better than Page.  And they’re all hungry, at least in theory.  Meanwhile Page is turning his nose up at almost $2 mil.  Who does he think he is?

This isn’t Bernard Pollard all over again.  I cried foul as loud as anyone when the Chiefs cut him, but this isn’t the same situation.  Pollard was an ascending player with clear strengths who was healthy and in camp.  Page is a plateaued player with unclear strengths coming off a season-ending injury.  And, maybe worst of all, he obviously isn’t intelligent or humble.  Four years ago he was picked in the last round of the draft and now he’s decided $1.7 million and the inside track on a starting job isn’t good enough.  It’s hard to pity a guy like that.  It’s also hard to understand why he thinks someone will trade for him when there was no market for Pollard.  I mean Jesus Christ Page, get a clue.  Learn things.  Or at least hire people who can learn things.  People who aren’t related to you.

Pollard became a sensation in Houston and made the Chiefs brass look like fools.  That won’t happen here.  I don’t even think a starting job is a foregone conclusion for Page.  Maybe Gunther Cunningham will make a play for him, that fucking idiot.  You know snagging Turk McBride only whetted his appetite for former Chiefs.  Word is he’s hired a private eye to locate Jason Babin.  Page would be a coup for that bunch of clowns.  It’d be like when Pioli nabbed Ryan O’Callaghan.  “There’s a mediocre player from my former team out there?  To the buildmobile!”

I don’t care what the Chiefs do with Page.  If they want to cut him, fine.  I seriously doubt we’ll regret it.  I suppose the optimal solution is a trade, but I really don’t think there’s a market for Page.  Maybe we can squeeze a late-round pick out of somebody.  Either way, Page is done in KC.  It’s a shame, because it didn’t have to be this way.  He could’ve taken his $1.7 mil, fought for his starting job and hit free agency with a chance at a big contract.  Now he’s a holdout coming off a season spent on the IR.  His future is officially in jeopardy.  An ignominious end to a once-promising career with the Chiefs. 

The silver lining is this free safety battle we get to watch unfold.  I am straight-up excited about it.  We’re going to get a look at some decent prospects now.  Who do you guys like?  Lewis?  One of the corner converts?  McGraw?  I’m a Leggett man myself, but I know Don Wash has a BMCC following.  

Sayonara, Jarrad Page.  You’re like the KC Chiefs version of the show Deadwood.  You were almost kinda good for a few years, but your ending just didn’t make any sense, and when you’re gone you won’t be missed. 

Ol’ Deadwood Jerry Page, they used to call him.



  1. His ass will rot and he will not be traded or cut as a message to other players. If he does not sign his tender by game 10 he loses this year as a credit year in the league. What a dumbass. Brother and agent don’t mix unless your brother is Ari Gold.

  2. I still can’t wrap my mind around this Page ordeal. I sure hope Succop never decides to hold out.
    As far as who the job goes to, I still cant make my mind up. I think Lewis needs time to grow and Legget seems like he could easily find himself out of position on a consistent basis. Is Don Washington still alive? So that leaves me McGraw, and we all know how boomx2 feels about Mcraw. The battle for the position is exciting, but is the winner of the war all that sexxy?

    • No sexy picks here, particularly not McGraw. But Page wasn’t a sexy player either. I just want to see someone step up and grab the job. I’m ready to really get behind whichever candidate looks the best in training camp and the preseason.


  3. The Centaur Says: Jon McGraw

    • that’s not an endorsement, just a prediction for opening day starter. while probably the least athletic, he’s the only real veteran at the position besides dejuanaman, whom i just don’t think this coaching staff has ever been fond of. though i’m always pulling for donawash, it’s hard to view him as a serious contender. i think kendrick lewis will eventually earn the spot.

      i wish page would just play. he must really hate todd hailey. he’s not going to get anywhere close to 2 mil out there. has anyone seen his dumb brother?

  4. I think the most likely scenario is McGraw as opening day starter with an eventual transition to Lewis. weird to be just assuming a fifth round pick will start as a rookie, but that’s the vibe I’m getting. We know Pioli and Haley really like “their guys.”

    I’d really like to see either Leggett or Don Wash at least push for the job at some point. Dajuanaman is not long for this team (world?).

  5. But his nickname will last beyond the stars and the sun.

  6. Things are starting to look worse and worse for ole’ (Subway?)Jarrad. Lewis just inked a deal before the Page holdout was resolved. Bye bye!

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