You asked for it, you got it: The 2010 Big Matt’s Chiefs Chat I Was Wrong Awards!!!!

The proper time to have the IWWAs would’ve been soon after the New Year.  That’s when I had them last year, and that was the plan this year.  But I wanted to see how something turned out, so I waited and watched.  I’ve seen what I needed to see, and can now address my most prevalent mistakes from the year 2009.  This, mine friends, is called walkin’ the walk.

#5) I thought Mike Goff would be a solid addition to the offensive line.  Man, I couldn’t have been more wrong on that one.  Goff was the worst offensive lineman I’ve seen since Chris Terry.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone worse than Terry.  I miss him, in a way.

Goff’s epic failure makes me worry about Weigmann.  What if he stinks now too?  I still want Weigmann to take the starting job, but when an old offensive lineman gets released we probably shouldn’t just assume he’s still got it.  I have learned the lesson Goff had to teach.

#4) I hated the Alex Magee pick at the time.  HATED it.  Magee was like salt on the Tyson Jackson wound.  Another d-tackle?  Really, Scott Pioli?

As it turns out, Magee wasn’t half bad.  He’s got some pass rush ability on a line that desperately needs it, and he gives us flexibility to trade Dorsey (which I still think/hope might happen).  All in all, I’d call that a decent use of a third round pick.  When it’s all said and done I think Magee will be the best non-kicker out of that draft class.

#3) I predicted a breakout year for Dwayne Bowe.  Nostradamus, I am not.  My prediction was based on a combination of a sincere belief in Bowe’s skills and an assumption that Todd Haley, based on his credentials working with receivers, could get the best out of him.  That didn’t happen.  Getting suspended isn’t the end of the world, but Bowe showed up to camp out of shape and he was clearly lying about why he took that pill and where it came from.  Both of those things were extremely disappointing to me.  Much more so than his play on the field, which wasn’t really that bad.  As DP pointed out at the time, he performed about at his previous levels in terms of per game production.

I know I’m in the minority here, but I still think Bowe can be a #1.  Looks like maybe we have our first nominee for the 2011 IWWAs.

#2) I thought Todd Haley would be a good coach.  Maybe he still will be, but it 2009 he wasn’t.  He misused what little talent he had.  He looked like a fool on the sideline.  He made questionable game-day decisions.  He put those signs up in the locker room.  He invented KCO’s beloved “quarter-season” system.  He let Jamaal Charles sit on the bench behind Larry Johnson.  And worst of all, for me anyway, was that bizarre “core players” interview.  That really scared me.  I just can’t see how an intelligent, reasonable man would say the things he said.  I still want to like Haley, and I guess I still do.  But he needs to be better, there is no question about that.

#1) I assumed this offseason would be just like the last one.  I had to wait for free agency to happen before I could determine if I was wrong about this or not.  Thankfully, I was.  Pioli didn’t go hog wild, but he did make some solid moves and bring in some big name coaches.  If he has a good draft this will officially have been a great offseason.  The jury is still very much out on Pioli, but the fact remains this offseason is already better than last.  My opinion of our head coach may have lessened a bit, but our GM is starting to earn some grudging respect.

Of course he could flush that all down the turlet in a month.  I had a Dan Williams nightmare monday night.  There’s another guy we can add to the list of players I’m scared we’ll reach for at #5.



  1. Let me be the first to join you in the ill-fated prediction of a break out year for Bowe.

  2. “I had a Dan Williams nightmare monday night. There’s another guy we can add to the list of players I’m scared we’ll reach for at #5.” This could really happen and it scares the s**t out of me, too. This would be the kind of reach that could make or break the team. At 9-20, it makes some sense to look up or down a few spots, but at 1-5 you have to get best defensive player available when you have as many holes as we do on defense. Lets hope your right on Bowe also!

  3. What sucks is that we need to draft a potential long-term nose tackle, and I am just not high on any of the top candidates in this draft class. Cody is fat, not strong and Dan Williams strikes me as mediocre. You can say he had the benefit of being coached by Monte Kiffin in college, and thats great, but it can work the other way too. What if he was already acheiving his maximum thanks to Kiffin? I just think Willliams has very low upside. Cody’s is higher, but he is less likely to acheive it.

    I’d previously endorsed Cam Thomas, but am now withdrawing that endorsement. More research sunk that ship. I sorta like this guy Linval Joseph out of East Carolina, but don’t know enough about him yet.

  4. Good stuff, though I disagree on Magee. When we were missing Dorsey, that side of the line got completely handled. He does okay on rotational downs, but as of right now, he’s just a specialist in a very limited role. In terms of being a traditional 3-4 DE, he’s got an extremely long way to go.

    So the good news is, so far, you’re still right about Magee.

  5. Hey Jon,

    Magee struggled against Cleveland no doubt, but thats a pretty small sample size. Plus Gilberry was in there at right end getting manhandled too. I wonder how much of that fiasco can really be laid at Magee’s feet? True, the running game may be a weakness for him currently, but the passing game is most definitely a strength. I reallly like that we can bring Magee in for the nickel and dime defense, because, say what you will about Dorsey and Jackson and their roles in the 3-4, those guys should not be in the game on obvious passing downs.

    If Magee stays where he’s at right now, maybe not a great use of a third round pick. But the guy was a rookie and he clearly has skills. The potential is there. My hope is that he hits the weightroom and develops into a more complete player. Everyone is so willing to give Jackson and Dorsey years to develop, yet Magee is judged harshly because of one game where the entire defense fell apart. That doesn’t seem fair to me.

    I’d be willing to roll the dice on Magee if it means we can reap a rich bounty for Dorsey. I’ve still got this feeling he’ll be traded. If that happens, Magee is at least a decent insurance policy.

  6. Todd Haley is obviously a student of the Christopher Lambert School of the Dramatic Arts

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