Post-Combine Chatter

You guys really got after it in the comment section these past few days, and the combine is now officially over, so it seemed like a new post was in order.  No specific theme, I’m just going to address some relevant players.  We goin’ bullet points baby!

  • Russel Okung keeps looking better and better.  His arms measured 36″ (longer than all but Bruce Campbell’s 36.25″), and he still put up the most bench reps of any of the tackles at the combine.  Thats an impressive combo.  Throw in his 6’6″ frame and you’ve got a pretty perfect combination of physical attributes.  Okung is the clear pick if he’s still available at #5.  The problem is, he may not be.  The Lions would be fools not to draft Okung.  Of course, they are fools, so my guess is they go d-tackle.  Would Okung make it past Tampa and Washington?  Is used to think so, now I’m not so sure.
  • Eric Berry still looks great.  His combine numbers, as expected, were excellent.  Berry is the Aaron Curry of this draft class: a freakish athlete whose only flaw is that he plays a position not usually drafted at the top of the first round.  The advantage Berry has over Curry is that he played in the SEC, whereas Curry played in the ACC.  Thus, the learning curve will probably not be as steep for Berry.  If we can’t get Okung, Berry would be an excellent consolation prize.  There is also a chance he could be picked before us, but I wouldn’t bet on it.
  • My boy Brandon Spikes didn’t run the 40, and there is speculation that his time would’ve been bad.  I don’t put too much stock in 40 times, but the fact remains Spikes didn’t impress anyone.  He’ll most certainly fall to the second round now.  Speed could be an issue, but I’d still love to have Spikes at 2b.
  • Golden Tate had a pretty good combine, but probably not good enough to distance him from other WRs and push him into the first round.  I still see him coming to us at 2a.  I’m OK with that, but it might be better to use the 2a pick on a first round talent that slips and then snag a receiver with 2b.  This draft is rich in second-round receivers.
  • Between his great Senior Bowl and incredible combine, Sean Weatherspoon has played himself into the first round for sure.  I think he could probably fit our 3-4, but thats looking more and more like a moot point.
  • Terrance Cody weighed in at 354 pounds, about 20 pounds lighter than expected.  Given that weight was the primary concern for Cody, he probably helped his stock enough to ensure he doesn’t make it out of the first round.  There was some speculation that we’d take Cody at 2a (Pioli personally attended at least one Alabama game this year).  That no longer seems like an option.  Fans looking for another fat d-tackle to label a beast will have to wait until next year.
  • Cody may be out of reach, but the fact remains that we need a NT.  The other top option is Tennessee’s Dan Williams, but he’s also projected as a mid-to-late first rounder.  So where do we get our NT?  A mid-round option I like is North Carolina’s Cam Thomas.  He has good size (6’4″, 330 pounds) but isn’t a total lardass.  He also shined at the Senior Bowl, and he seems to fit the bill as a true 3-4 NT.  I like his attitude, too, from the few quotes I’ve read.  Thomas would be a great pickup in the third round.  Maybe not a full-time starter right away, but he could platoon with Ron Edwards and improve the rotation at the very least.
  • Taylor Mays ran a fast 40 time and generally continued to look great physically.  Unfortunately, he also continued to show poor form.  Supposedly he really struggles with the backpedal.  Somebody will take Mays in the first round, but I have no idea what kind of pro he’ll make.  It’d be great to see Al Davis take him eighth.  Thats definitely not beyond the realm of possibility.  Raider drafts are always good for a laugh.
  • Rolondo McClain is a guy I’ve occasionally seen the Chiefs linked to, and I wouldn’t be totally shocked if we picked him.  I also wouldn’t be very happy about it.  I love drafting linebackers, but taking McClain 5th would be a mistake.  Most of the positive noise surrounding him is about his “football smarts” and the fact that he’s a “coach on the field”.  Neither of those things mean a lot to me.  Sure they’re good in theory, but I’m not taking a player 5th based on intangibles.  Scott Pioli, however, very well might.  And the fact that McClain is viewed as a prototype 3-4 linebacker means he’s definitely on Pioli’s radar.  That scares me a little.
  • Bryan Baluga is another guy who definitely looks like a potential Pioli favorite.  Baluga played for Pioli’s boy Kirk Ferentz at Iowa.  Given what we’ve seen so far in this regime, familiarity is huge.  If Ferentz is in Pioli’s ear telling him what a great kid or hard worker Baluga is, that will carry weight.  Too much weight, probably.  Baluga may be good, but he’s definitely not worth the fifth pick.
  • I wouldn’t mind seeing the Chiefs take a late-round flyer on Denario Alexander.  Alexander was on crutches at the combine, so not much was made of him.  But he showed flashes of greatness at Mizzou, right?  What do you Tiger fans think of Alexander?
  • OT Bruce Campbell of Maryland put up ridiculous combine numbers, including a sub-5.00 40 time, which is somewhat of a rarity for an offensive tackle.  Mays aside, Campbell looks like a classic Raiders pick.  You know Al Davis loves 40 times, and I’d be willing to bet this even holds true for offensive linemen.  Hell, Davis probably clocks his head coaching candidates.  I heard Tom Cable runs a deceptively fast 40.
  • On the other side of the coin is Rutgers’ Anthony Davis, who had a piss-poor showing.  We won’t be drafting him.

Here’s a good post-combine breakdown by Andrew Crocker at Arrowheadaddict.  Crocker has some wild opinions, but he provides a pretty good read from time to time.

Arrowheadpride had more combine posts than I had farts this past week.  I can’t believe those guys all have other jobs.  Its pretty impressive.  Whats not impressive, however, is the conclusion Matt Conner,  their man at the combine, reached when it was all said and done.  Here’s a quote:

“…I think it all comes down to defensive tackle…..if somehow Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy are available at No. 5 OR if the Chiefs can trade up (gasp!) to get one of these guys, I absolutely believe that is the best move they could possibly make in this draft.”

Trade up to get Suh or McCoy?  I don’t care if he was actually at  the combine, Conner’s analysis makes no sense.  Of course, this is the same guy who wrote an article a while back saying we should pick Tim Tebow, and during the season he said our most glaring weakness was running back.  So maybe I should just be thankful for the wealth of coverage and not worry too much about the attempted analysis.  Still, how many more top 5 picks do we need at defensive end before Beast Nation is satisfied?



  1. You may unfortunately be right with that Baluga call. However, I would hope that if he’s their “right guy”, they’d have enough sense to try and trade down a couple slots if someone wants to trade up. Also, if Berry and Okung are both off the board by the 5th, I’d also like a trade down. Trading up to get another D- lineman is borderline insane.

    Hey Big Buck, are all the experts right about this draft being deep or is that just a bunch of chicken poo?

  2. matt conner is a bad writer with bad ideas. i don’t like the fact that he’s pushing for brian price, because i like price. i’m not saying we should pick him or anything, but i think he’ll be a great player for some team.

  3. I too would like to think Pioli would trade down if he wanted Baluga. Unfortunately, he was in that exact situation last year with Tin Man and he couldn’t get it done. He might not even have tried to. I think its far more likely that, if he decides baluga is his guy, he’ll just play it safe and take him fifth. Pioli is not a risk-taker.

    I actually really like Baluga, and I’d be happy to have him if we were picking in the 10-20 range. But, like the Centaur said, we won’t be drafting top 5 forever (hopefully). Can we really afford to let another opportunity to draft top talent ( such as Okung or Berry) slip through our fingers?

    I certainly wouldn’t hate a trade down, but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. As far as the draft class goes, I’m certainly no expert, but this is by all accounts a pretty deep class. I think this is mainly due to the large number of juniors coming out this year. Those guys want to get to the NFL in the uncapped year before a new labor agreement is reached. If they hang around in schoool another year, there could be draft pick money slotting by the time they come out. No rookie wants that.

    Rounds 2 and 3 look great this year.

  5. Danario may be a solid pro. He definitely has the hands, size and speed to be a top NFL WR. His 4 knee sugeries are a very real concern. The lack of exposure at the combine since he didnt’ compete and the poor Senior Bowl (mostly due to getting injured in practice) coupled with all the injuries he may very well drop to the last round or even become and undrafted free agent. He is a 1st or 2nd round talent that has serious injury problems. If he sees the field in the NFL and can stay healthy, he will be a Pro Bowl receiver on the right team eventually. I think if he is around in the 6th or 7th he is worth the risk.

  6. it’s been a tough day for the centaur. the first thing i saw this morning was the darling cut. then the redskins news came. samuels retires then they put a first round tender on my boy cam cambell. this means there is no possible way of okung dropping to us.

    i’m not a buluga believer.

    is danario really supposed to fall to the 6th or 7th round? i only saw a couple games that he played and i thought he was off the chain. it will be interesting to see where he goes.

    this is the only time of year that i wish i was a college football guy. i think i might become one just so i can be better prepared for draft talk.

  7. I watched one highlight reel a piece between Okung, Anthony Davis (rutgers), Bryan Bulaga (Iowa), and Trent Williams (Oklahoma). I did this about a month ago, and the reels were about 5-6 minutes per guy. I do not think there was a Bruce Campbell tape. This is what I wrote.

    Okung: Good feet, can’t tell his power but might be long in the legs. Catches in pass protection. Weird stance in pass protection. Might be coaching.

    Anthony Davis: bad technique but looks strong. Poor hips and feet. Seems like he cares.

    Bryan Bulaga: Slow off the ball. Graham at Michigan killed him. Awful set in pass protection. Good technique once his hands are on the guy. Decent feet.

    Trent Williams: bad technique in pass set. Looks strong once hands are on the guy.

    Okung is the cream of the crop. Of the guys I watched on those tapes, I think I would go Williams, Davis, Bulaga in that order. Davis looked like he had a nasty streak in him but his hip flexibility was the worst I saw of the four. Williams seems like a guy who could be taught. I trust Bulaga as much as I trust Robert Gallery.

  8. I was hoping you’d chime in at some point, Frey, but I didn’t want to rush you. Disapppointing to hear those thoughts on Baluga. As of right now, he’s my bet for that fifth pick. We should all be very leery of any rumors that the Chiefs are looking at him. Those rumors emerged about Tin Man last year, and they were right. Be on the lookout, people. Report anything you find back to me and then I’ll complain about it. The plus side is that if we draft Baluga, we could call him “The Whale”.

    True story: I remember thinking in 2004 that if I were the GM of the Chiefs, I’d trade up and get Gallery. I loved him. I’d have beeen willing to give up our first, second and third round picks for that #2 pick to get him. Upon remembering that, I thought to myself, “man, that would’ve been a terrible move.” Then I remembered what the Chiefs actually did with those picks: Siavii (after a trade back), Kris Wilson, Keyaron Fox. Yeah, so it turns out trading our top 3 picks for Gallery would’ve actually been better than what we did. He may have been a bust, but at least he’s a starter, albeit at guard now.

    Funny that you compared Gallery to Baluga, because what apparently did Galllery in at left tackle (short arms) is a trait Baluga shares. Yikes.

  9. Also, I’d definitely go higher than a 6th or 7th for Danario. I’d be cool with getting him in the 5th, or maybe even the 4th. I mean we used a 4th rounder on Will Franklin.

    Teams should use late round picks on players from local colleges whenever possible. I remember in the late 90s the Chiefs drafted June Henley and Isaac Bird from KU in like the 5th and 6th round. They were both worthless, but all those Jayhawkers were legitimitely psyched about it. Same for when we drafted Franklin, actually. Why not use a late pick to throw the fans a bone?

  10. I am not thrilled with my analysis because I do not think it should change anything for the Chiefs. Assuming a quarterback is taken in the first 4 picks, I think the Chiefs decision should be made for them. I am happy with any of the top 4 guys outside of the quarterbacks (Suh, McCoy, Okung, Berry). Having any of those talented guys would be an upgrade at any of those positions.

    I am surprised there are no killer receivers in this draft outside of Dez Bryant. Besides him, I would wait on the Gilyard or Golden Tate types.

    I just got depressed. I was thinking the Chiefs could draft their offensive line for the next 6 years, and then I thought that doesn’t help our receiver and defensive front 7 situation.

    Good work, hatt

  11. […] sadly only updated once a week but is an amusing read. (Except for the time he said I have “some wild opinions.” Yeah, I read that Matt. Nothing gets by me. And I will have my […]

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